Small Laundry Room Designs with Great Organization

Laundry room is where we do the heavy work. For that reason, the room should be designed effectively to make us feel comfortable while doing that laundry. But, what if we have small space for laundry room? In fact, it is achievable to make a comfortable and organized laundry room even with limited space.

In this post, there are some ideas of good laundry room ideas to try. So, if you want to set up a decent laundry room in a small space, just keep on reading.

Small Laundry Room Designs Ideas

This fun laundry room style is worth to try. Even it has limited space; it can still show fun and vibrant qualities. The laundry room has its wooden wall painted in such endearing color.

This small laundry room also uses some vintage ornaments such as antique clocks and shelves to spice up the décor.

Furthermore, the laundry room uses curtains instead of doors. It helps to make the room more airy and ample.

In the next design, the laundry room has a practical design. It has a bright white timber wall. The prominent white tone on the walls makes bigger room impression in this room.

At the same time, the walls are added with recessed storage units where you can store your washer and drier. Furthermore, this organized laundry room also uses teak floor that helps creating warm and tranquil feel.

Gallery Small Laundry Room Ideas

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In the third photo, the owner set up his contemporary laundry room in the loft. With small space, he managed to organize things well to make a decent laundry room. This laundry room offers custom storage for the washing machine and drier. They are placed in strategic positions to keep the room ample and uncluttered. The white paint applied on the wall helps to make this laundry room interior looks serene as well as clean.

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